Easter Bounty

Long ago, children believed that the Easter Bunny (or Easter Hare as he was known), laid eggs in the grass or gardens. On Easter Sunday morning, armed with abandoned birds nests to gather their bounty, they would search the grounds. hunting and collecting hand painted or dyed eggs. This wonderful tradition has evolved over time and the modern Easter Egg Hunt involves beautifully decorated baskets or buckets used to collect chocolate eggs, lollies and baked goods; the Easter bounty.
My new table runner design Easter Bounty, is a celebration of this long standing tradition and of the enjoyment it has given (and still does) to my own "grown up" children. Every Easter, we join in with neighbours and friends and host a Easter Egg Hunt and it really doesn't matter how old you are, you go searching for those eggs.......I mean it is chocolate after all :)
I love to decorate the house during Easter and I prefer to use soft, pastel colours at this time of year, so for this runner, I raided my stash and chose some lovely light blue, pink, lilac and yellow fabrics.
The table runner is constructed with a pieced centre star block and two quickly pieced side blocks which act as a frame for the applique:
The applique is a simple, yet pretty little basket of eggs and flowers with a gorgeous big bow on top. There is quite a bit of lovely negative space in this table runner which is perfect to showcase some pretty quilting:
I just sat down at the machine and quilted this one; no real plan, no prior practice just some lovely loops and I added some pretty hearts at random intervals. ♥♥♥
PDF patterns of Easter Bounty are now available, in my store HERE.
I hope you like this pretty little table runner. I know mine will be my new favorite addition to our Easter decorating this year :)

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