Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Terrine

Cooking from scratch is my therapy and nothing tastes better than homemade pasta, bread, pastry, sauces or ice cream but sometimes, there just isn't enough time. I keep a cache of recipes, using store brought ingredients, to quickly throw together when life gets too busy or I feel like something yummy without all the hard work and mess!  With Valentines Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share with you, this very decadent Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Terrine:
Beautiful layers of chocolate ice cream, separated by a layer of decadent chocolate sauce and a yummy chocolate crust and top make this dessert a family favorite and would be a perfect accompaniment to your Valentines Day dinner.
All of the ingredients are store brought and once the crust is made, the terrine is then assembled and popped into the freezer. Easy! If you prefer, use your own homemade ice cream or chocolate sauce, depending on how much time you have.
It's delicious as a dessert on its own but would also be a great with some beautiful mixed berries or a rustic fruit salad and any leftovers can be sliced into portions and popped back in the freezer for later.
I have also made this dessert, using vanilla ice cream, Butterscotch biscuits and caramel sauce, so play around with different combinations or use what you already have on hand:
Give it a try, its delicious! Just visit HERE to download a PDF version of the recipe.

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