What's On The Hook?

After finishing my Cosy blanket, I really wanted to find something new and different as my next crochet project. Pinterest is a mecca of inspiration and I found a lovely Nautical Hobo bag which I really wanted to try:
This is my progress so far. It's a free pattern and at first glance, it looked complicated but the pattern is very easy to read (and understand) and mine is slowly beginning to take shape. Here's what I'm aiming for it to look like:
(image from the Joann site)
You can find the free pattern HERE, on the Joann site. I'm using wool from my stash for this one and will probably use it to store future crochet projects as I work on them. Maddi also wants one, to take to Uni or work, so hopefully I'll be an expert after this first one, or though I am a little worried about those grommets :)
While I was searching on Pinterest, I also found a free pattern for these cute little hearts. Aren't they adorable? They are very quick and easy to do and are perfect for Valentines Day ♥. You can find the pattern HERE and she has a few other lovely freebies as well, which you might like.
So that's whats on my hook at the moment. What's on yours?

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