Homemade Tartare Sauce

There are many traditions associated with Good Friday but perhaps the most common custom is the eating of fish. When we think of condiments, to serve or garnish our fish there are many options but my favorite is a good squeeze of lemon juice and my Homemade Tartare Sauce:
I promise you, once you have made and tasted this sauce you will never buy ready made Tartare Sauce again. Its creamy and tasty and quite quick to make, so its perfect to throw together and chill just before you are ready to serve your Easter lunch.
Its not ideal for storing, so the recipe serves about 6 people and don't worry about leftovers, there wont be any :) I love the flavor that the grapeseed oil and white wine vinegar bring to the mayonnaise and I cut my capers and cornichons quite rustic to give it a nice texture.
To download and print the recipe, just visit HERE.
I'm sure this Homemade Tartare Sauce will be a favorite at your table, just like it is at ours. Enjoy..... and your welcome :)

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