Juicy Fruits and Whipped Creme Blanket

Earlier this week, I started working on a new crocheted blanket. This one is for Maddi, who wanted a blanket crocheted in stripes, like my Cosy CAL or Cohen's Coastal Ripple. We had a look at a few different patterns and this is the one she fell in love with:
This is a free pattern called Juicy Fruits and Whipped Creme (pattern can be found HERE). The pattern is for a throw size but I added some more stitches to the width and I will add more rows to the length, to make it a generous single bed size.
She chose just a few of her favorite shades of purple and we teamed them with a soft off white and so far it is looking lovely and she is very happy.
I love how the scallops and cross stitches combine; they almost look like little love hearts. The pattern took me a little while to get the hang of but now its growing slowly and lots of fun to crochet.
At this stage, its still quite portable and I can crochet in the car, whilst waiting at school etc. but before long it will be big enough to snuggle under as I work. The nights are getting colder so I'm looking forward to it growing and keeping me warm and toasty.

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