Pastel Meringue Stack

My colour palette for Easter is soft, pretty pastels and while I was organising my meal plan for Good Friday lunch, I decided that I wanted to make and serve a meringue stack for dessert, incorporating those lovely pastel colours:

I will be using my nan's meringue recipe (she was the meringue/pavlova queen) and its perfect because its not sickly sweet and the meringue is lovely and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Making a stack isn't always aesthetically pretty (I prefer to call mine rustic looking) so I decided to pipe the meringue into some pretty rosettes:

Aren't they lovely? I divided the meringue mix into two batches and added just a few drops of pink and blue food colouring to each batch and it's good to note that during the cooking process, the colour barely changed so no need to add more or less colouring to obtain the perfect colour.

I used three meringue rosettes for each stack, alternating the colours and I filled the layers with some whipped cream and some luscious sliced strawberries. The great part about this dessert, is that everything can be made the day before, as the meringues store well in an airtight container and then the stacks can be arranged prior to serving.

These are delicious and they will be the perfect finish to our Good Friday meal plus they will match our pastel, table decorations :)
If you would like to give these Pastel Meringue Stacks a try, you can download the recipe by either clicking on the link or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer for later.

Happy baking :)

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