Sophie's Universe Parts 1,2,3

On Good Friday, while I was helping my mum frame up a new tapestry for her to start work on, we got to discussing future projects and I showed her some pictures of the Sophie's Universe CAL blanket that I had been admiring for weeks.  One of the things I love about my mum, is that she is such an "enabler" and we talked about colours, sorted through the wool stash and later that night, due to mum's insistance, I succumbed to the temptation and began my own Sophie Journey:
This was Part One and the free CAL patterns for this blanket are brilliant. The instructions are well written and include photos with plenty of links to other tutorials, if you need any extra help.  In these first few rounds I learnt a few new techniques and felt very encouraged to move on to Part Two:
Part Two was easier than it looked and the pattern gives you a stitch count per row, so its easy to see if your making a mistake and fix it before moving on.
I decided to keep this blanket quite scrappy in my colour choices. It will be a great project to use up some of the left over wool from previous projects or wool I have brought and never used and so far I'm loving this mix of colours.
So this is where I am up to right now; Part Three is complete and I'm ready to move on and begin to square it all up in Part Four. Every time I look at a section, I think it looks hard but if you work on it row by row, its not as daunting as it looks.
This will be a slow work in progress, as I have Maddis "Juicy Fruits and Whipped Creme" blanket to work on as well (thats almost at the half way point), but I'm looking forward to watching it grow. I'm also looking forward to developing my crocheting skills, so this is like a sampler quilt for me and I'm loving every minute.
If your looking for a new crochet project and would like to join in on your own Sophie Journey, all the links are HERE.
I hope you have all been enjoying a safe and Happy Easter :)

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