Crochet Update

I am working on two large crochet projects at the moment and every night I try and do a few rows of either one (depending on which one I feel like). My Sophie blanket is by far my favorite and I'm learning so much and surprising myself with what I have achieved. Here is Sophie after Part 6 was completed:
I love the colours, the textures, the design............I just love everything about it :). When I looked at Part 7, I was a little worried as we were adding a "rose garden" to the long sides of the blanket and I had never crocheted a rose before but this pattern is so clear and easy to follow and I had them completed in no time:
They are so sweet and really add another point of interest to the blanket. I'm looking forward to starting Part 8 and adding some pretty flowers to the short sides, this time :)
I'm also working on Maddi's Juicy Fruits and Whipped Creme blanket and this is coming along nicely. Its so warm and snugly to work under on these colder autumn nights:
I'm nearing the end of this; only a few more rows to make it a generous size (and to use the wool) and then I'll get started on a border. Yesterday I spent hours, sewing in the ends and its such a tedious job but a necessary one (and I'm glad its done).
So that's an update of both of my crocheting projects. They are progressing slowly but once Maddi's is completed, I'm looking forward to giving Sophie my full focus and watching her grow :)

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