Chocolate Chip Cookies

On these cold winter days, nothing beats a plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies as a delicious after school treat:
My kids love to come home and find a plate of these cookies ready for afternoon tea; add a cup of steaming hot chocolate and some great conversation to the mix and our afternoons are perfect :)
A batch can be made quite quickly and easily and are extremely moorish; try and stop at just one, I dare you! You only need a few basic ingredients and I think that its the brown sugar and oats that make these cookies super delicious and our favorite "go to" recipe for when we need a treat.
They store well in an airtight container for about a week (that's if you can show restraint and not eat them all) and are great for popping in the lunch box as well.
If you would like to give these Chocolate Chip Cookies a try, you can download the recipe HERE.
Happy baking :)

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