Golden Syrup Dumplings

Comfort food generally reflects an emotional or nostalgic feeling to its consumer. It is often high in carbohydrates and very easy to prepare largely because we crave that quick fix. Personally anything with golden syrup fits my comfort food bill perfectly :)

Combining that thick, sweet, amber coloured sugar syrup with some light and fluffy dumplings reminds me of those cold winter nights when I was a child. Mum rarely made desserts so this was a welcome treat, and always devoured enthusiastically :)

These little morsels of sweetness warm the soul and are a wonderful, quick dessert to make and share with the family - plus the cooking aromas are amazing :) Serve them simply with some thickened cream or ice cream and I guarantee they will give you all the comfort you need this winter.

To download the recipe for my Golden Syrup Dumplings simply click on the link or right click on the photo below and save to your computer for later.

If you enjoy these you might also like to try the recipe for my Golden Syrup Pudding which is a part of my Threadbare Ezine Issue Three (and available in my store HERE).
Happy baking :)

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