Sophie- Parts, 11, 12 and 13

The nights (and days) have been cold or wet, so its been the perfect excuse to work on my Sophie blanket and snuggle under its growing progress:
Part 11 went together quite quickly, with the beginnings of these lovely corner flowers. It was the first step in my blanket becoming square again, in preparation for the final borders.
In Part 12, the corners were increased and there was the addition of some zig zag hills on each side which add a little more texture and interest to the blanket. With only four rows, this part was quite quick and painless, to crochet.
And here's where I am at the moment at the end of Part 13. Sophie is square again (or will be when it is blocked properly) and I'm ready to start the butterfly border which I have been really looking forward too.
It is quite large already so it will be a generous size with the addition of the final parts. I'm extremely proud of my progress on this project, as I was unsure of my ability to actually crochet this but every row has been an absolute joy and I have surprised myself with what I have been able to achieve.
Back to the hook :)

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