Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 40

This weeks block is the lovely Broken Dishes. There are a few blocks with this name and each of them are equally as beautiful, but this is the version I prefer. It is such a classic block and when researching its history I found a few interesting theories, as to what this block represents:

  • Broken pieces of pottery called potsherds that have been uncovered in archaeological sites are a clear indication of the art history or culture of that time.
  • Broken dishes, along with other items such as lamps and tools, were used by African American slaves as traditional grave decorations, representing the practical continuum between life and death.
  • As slaves were forbidden to read or write, quilt blocks were used as a code and the Broken Dishes block represented a future landmark.
  • The pioneers were great at recycling and broken dishes were used in the bottom of planter pots, before the soil was added, to aid in proper drainage. 
  • And of course, broken dishes (or pottery) are synonymous with those beautiful mosaic tiles, planters, table tops etc. that we find everywhere.
Regardless of the history, this is such a pretty block and it will look lovely in our quilts :)
To download this weeks free pattern, just visit HERE.
Happy sewing :)

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