Spinach and Feta Bread

A few years ago, I discovered a yummy Spinach and Feta Bread recipe in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Since then I have made it countless times and I have modified it to suit my families tastes, so I thought I would share my adapted recipe, for you to try over the weekend:
This bread is super delicious and too good to wait for, so we enjoy eating it straight from the oven, smothered in butter. Its a lovely accompaniment to homemade soups and its perfect to slice and butter and then pop in the lunchboxes, as an alternate to sandwiches.
Its loaded with spinach, feta, onion, sun dried tomatoes and garlic and its a great recipe to adapt to the ingredients in your fridge.  I occasionally swap the spinach and onion for kale and leek; disguising vegetables that I love, but my family doesn't necessarily enjoy.
During winter, this bread is fantastic for breakfast and I prefer to top mine with a lovely poached egg; its just pure deliciousness on a plate and it keeps me feeling full and motoring along until lunch. Toast the bread, if you wish and maybe you could serve it with some crispy bacon as an added treat.
To download and print my recipe for Spinach and Feta Bread, just visit HERE.
I hope your family enjoys this delicious bread as much as my family does.
Happy baking :)

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