Thursday Tip #3

{Thursday Tip: A regular weekly feature sharing my quilting tips. There are no rules in quilting, these are just the things that work for me and might help you. There are no quilt police, so use them as a guide; no ones watching :) There is no wrong way to do anything......just relax, experiment, learn, create and have fun. }
There are many different rotary cutters on the market, so buy the best one you can afford. I have one for fabric cutting (my beloved KAI) and one for paper cutting and paper piecing. Once my fabric blade dulls, I transfer it to the paper cutter until its completely blunt.
Here's a few tips for caring for your cutters:
  • After every use, wipe away any lint, dust or stray cottons to avoid buildup and eliminate any effects on its cutting performance.
  • Wipe a small smear of machine oil, on the blade, to keep the blade turning freely.
  • Ensure that the blade is covered, at all times, when it is not in use.
  • Replace blades carefully and regularly for more efficient cutting and to avoid scarring your cutting mat.
  • After replacing blades, ensure the screw is not screwed too tightly or too loosely, so the blade rolls freely. 
  • Only use a specified cutting mat when using your rotary cutter.
  • Be careful not to scrape the blade against rulers and never cut through pins.
  • For proper blade disposal, place the blunt blade in the plastic cover that comes with the new blades packaging before placing it in the bin.
Rotary cutters are the most efficient and accurate way to cut fabric. They are a valuable tool to have and use, so look after them well and they will assist in you in years of accurate and easy cutting.

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