Sophie Parts 17 and 18

I have a little more progress of my Sophie to share with you. The later parts contain fewer rows but as the blanket grows, it takes longer and longer to complete them. Some of the easier rows seem to take forever but combined with a good movie, they are quite relaxing.
Here's Sophie at the end of Part 17:
This part added the first half of the Diamond border. Those little zig zag hills are easy to crochet but fiddly, so I was glad when they were done (even though there's another row of them in Part 18). Apart from those, it was a quick and easy part to complete.
Here's where I am at the moment, at the end of Part 18:
The Diamond Border is all complete now and its a lovely frame for Sophie. Part 18 is the last official part of the blanket but I have decided to crocher the optional "Fantasy Border" because I think it is a lovely way to finish this blanket.
Eight more rows and Sophie will be complete, which is great because tomorrow I'm joining a new CAL by Spin Cushions called "Greg". This one is a mystery and will be a monotone blanket made with varied blocks. I can't wait for the first installment to arrive in my email box and get this one on the hook.

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