Last weekend I crocheted the final two rows of my Sophie blanket and I'm thrilled with the end result! Here she is, in all her unblocked glory:
She's such a beauty and I'm so proud that I was able to crochet the complete blanket. My next task will be sewing in a few ends and then the blocking. Because of her size, I'm going to use some exercise mats for pinning and mum has kindly offered her lounge room floor for the process, since they don't use this room often. My only concern is getting Sophie back from mum, once its done :)
There were eighteen parts in the official blanket (113 rows) and then I decided to add the optional "Fantasy Border" (another 8 rows) which I think finishes the blanket nicely. I love the scalloped edge, and I'm sure I'll use this again, on future projects, because its so quick and easy.
There is so much detail in this blanket and I love each of the elements, especially the centre mandala and the butterfly band. Sophie has definitely taught me so much and given me the skills and confidence to try lots of crochet patterns.
You can find all the free patterns for Sophie, HERE. The patterns are very clearly written with heaps of tips, links and tutorials to help you along the way, so if your thinking of starting a Sophie of your own, then do it! You wont regret it.
I have plans to make another Sophie, using just three or four soft colours but for now I'm thrilled with my colourful, snugly version. Its taken close to six months to complete and I've loved each and every step of my Sophie's wonderful journey :)

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