Greg Mystery CAL Parts 4 and 5:1

I thought I would do an update on my Greg Mystery CAL progress. The fourth installment introduced IAN and there were two options to choose from. I chose option 1:
Whilst crocheting, I did regret my choice as IAN was quite challenging. He may look harmless but I still haven't mastered the invisible join (I can still see mine) and it was my first attempt at crocheting in the LBV (and I'm hoping its my last).
But my relationship with IAN survived and all eight blocks were crocheted, albeit with a few swear words and quite a bit of unraveling:
I was happy with them in the end and I was pleased I challenged myself and chose the harder option.
Part 5 was released last Monday and this installment introduced BOB, which will be completed over several parts. Here's my BOB squares at the end of the first part:
These were so much fun to crochet and I love BOB so far :)
Part two came out this morning and I've had a quick look at the pattern and its beautiful. I'm hoping to get back to the hook sometime today.

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