Almond And Orange Bars

I love a good crunchy Biscotti but my family doesn't enjoy the dryness of this twice baked Italian biscuit. A few years ago, I was given a recipe for some Almond and Orange Bars and they are a lovely alternative, and one which keeps all of us happy:
These delicious bars are twice baked, just like Biscotti but the inside remains quite soft and gooey, while the outside turns lovely and crisp. For a crunchier bar, just adjust the cooking time to suit. They have a subtle orange flavour which works well with the roasted almonds, cinnamon and cloves and they are perfect for Christmas.
They are quite sweet and are loaded with chunks of gorgeous, roasted almonds. You can indulge yourself with one of these and a cup of tea or coffee, after a busy day of Christmas shopping or preparations.
As much as I love to spend time a lot of time on pretty food presentation, I also love a good rustic, throw together type recipe and this is one of those. There's no need to be fancy, the appeal is in the texture and the delicious aromas of these bars.
You can quickly whip up a batch or two of these yummy morsels and they store well in an air tight container. They would be perfect, packaged in pretty boxes and given to family and friends as a home baked gift, during the Christmas season.
If you would like to give these delicious Almond and Orange Bars a try, you can download the recipe HERE or right click on the image below and save to your files.
Happy baking :)

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