Do you remember flummery? My mum made it all the time and I think we loved it purely because of the name. She had two recipes; a quick one she made for us kids, with packet jelly and evaporated milk, but she also had an adult version, for special occasions, which was amazing! I thought the adult version, would make a perfect Valentine's Day dessert, so with a few tweaks, here's my Flummery:
Flummery has English origins and the name generally referred to something bland and unsatisfying. In post World War II, Australian's began making it with jelly crystals and evaporated milk, as a inexpensive mousse. As much as I enjoyed mum's "kids" version, I always loved when she made the "adult" version; it was so much nicer and neither bland or unsatisfying.
Flummery is light, smooth and creamy and its a beautiful summery dessert when served with some fresh berries. My recipe makes two large servings, which makes them perfect to be served and shared. You could use smaller moulds and make four but its far more romantic to share a dessert plate with your sweetheart, don't you think?.
I opted for some delicious strawberries to serve with mine but any fresh berries would be perfect. Be careful not to overload the top of your dessert, as it will start to split from the weight of the fruit. Just add a few drops of pink food colouring to achieve that pretty pastel pink and your dessert will match your Valentine's Day celebrations.
You can use individual jelly moulds, as I have done or you could use one of those large ring moulds and fill the hollow centre with mixed berries; the only requirement is that the mould is plastic and a removable lid is beneficial, to help turn out the dessert.
However you decide to present your Flummery, it is yummy and its the perfect end to any meal. It doesn't take long to prepare but you will need to make it the day before serving, which gives you more time to spend cooking a lovely Valentine's Day dinner.
To download the recipe for my Flummery, just visit HERE or right click on the picture below and save to your computer for later.
Bon appetite!

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