Chocolate Mousse

Our family Good Friday lunch is at my parents and this year, I'm in charge of bringing dessert. There are quite a few chocoholic's in my family, so I've decided to give them the full chocolate experience, with my Chocolate Mousse, served in little Easter eggs:
This dessert is rich, decadent and creamy and its always a crowd pleaser. The mousse can be prepared the night before and then piped into the chocolate eggs before serving, so its a great dessert to transport, like I will be doing. You can cut through its sweetness by adding a quenelle of whipped cream on the side and some lovely fresh berrries.
To prepare the egg cups, slice off the top of the Easter eggs and melt the chocolate tops. Add a small dollop of the melted chocolate to the centre of each plate and position the chocolate eggs, holding for a few seconds to ensure it remains in place and once the chocolate has set, they are ready to fill with mousse.
The mousse is easy to prepare and once again, the quality of the chocolate you use will determine the overall outcome, so buy the best your budget allows. Of course, you don't have to serve it this way, you could spoon the mousse into some lovely glass bowls or glasses or serve a quenelle of mousse as an accompaniment to a plate of fresh fruit.
If you would like to try the Chocolate Mousse, you can download the recipe HERE or right click on the picture below and save it to your computer.
I'm looking forward to our family lunch and I'm sure everyone is going to love this dessert. After all, it just isn't Easter without that full chocolate experience :)
Happy baking :)

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