Rocky Road

Every Easter, my late father in law and I would buy each other a Rocky Road Easter Egg; it was our thing. I can't remember seeing him eat any other chocolate, unless it was something my kids forced him to share.
To his delight, I began making him homemade batches of Rocky Road throughout the year, so he could indulge more frequently. Its perfect for Easter, so here's my Rocky Road recipe
There are many recipes for Rocky Road but this is exactly how I used made it for dad, based on his preferences. I use a mix of dark and milk chocolate and its a good idea to buy the best quality chocolate your budget allows, as it really makes a difference to the finished product. The chocolate is melted and then combined with lovely chunks of roasted almonds, walnuts, marshmallows and a little coconut.
Don't limit yourself to only these ingredients though; be creative. It also works beautifully with glace cherries, dried cranberries, sultanas, hazelnuts, peanuts, Turkish Delight, broken Butternut Snap biscuits, or scout the lolly aisle for some Clinkers, soft jubes or popping candy (the kids love this). The possibilities are endless but keeping it to just a few ingredients, makes it perfect.
Its quick, its easy, its fun to prepare and most importantly, its yummy. Its perfect to give as a gift, so wrap individual slices in cellophane and tie with some pretty ribbon or grab one of the little pails (like the one pictured above) and fill it to the brim. Its also nice to have with coffee, instead of dessert, at the end of your Easter lunch or dinner.
If you would like to try my Rocky Road recipe, you can download it HERE or right click on the image below and save it to your computer.
Happy baking :)

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