Chatelaine Free BOW Sampler Quilt - Quilting Facts

Yesterday afternoon, I finally finished the quilting of my Chatelaine Sampler. Quilting big quilts like this one on my domestic machine, always makes me question my sanity.  In the beginning they are so heavy and awkward and difficult to maneuver under the machine but as the quilting takes shape and the pins are slowly removed, there's less weight and more control. The end result makes the whole process, worthwhile. My Chatelaine quilt is beautiful ♥
Just for fun, I decided to keep a bit of a tally for this quilt, recording how many hours I spent quilting, how many bobbins I used etc., so here are the results:

  • I quilted my Chatelaine in 11 sessions (ranging from 1 hour to 6 hours) for a total of 41 hours at the machine.
  • I used 27 bobbins.
  • I used 2000+ metres of top thread (2 and a bit spools)
  • I used a packet of 5 machine needles
  • I cleaned my machine 10 times during the process.
  • And I watched/listened to around 41 hours of television while I was quilting :) YAY for Netflix!!
So there's my fun quilting facts. It was interesting for me to see the stats and I thought you might enjoy reading them as well.
Today I'll sew on the bindings and hand stitch them down over the next night or two. Over the weekend, hubby has kindly volunteered to be my assistant and take my Chatelaine out into the wild, for a photo shoot. Cross fingers for good weather and dry surroundings so we can take some great outdoor shots. Quilts always look lovely in natural surroundings :)
Until then, happy sewing :)


  1. Wow Rose, that is a huge effort. Cant wait to see it all finished. Congrats on your accomplishment it was also good to get an idea on the threads, needles etc that was involved in quilting it. I wouldn't be that brave, it would be off to the quilters. Thanks again, Guida.

  2. thank you for sharing your patterns and processes.

  3. Wow. You must be really good at those flowers by now! It looks so pretty and I wish I could see it in person.


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