Dear Jane- Row A

This gorgeous stack of sampler blocks is Row A of my rainbow inspired Dear Jane quilt. I'm thrilled to have this first row finally complete. I've been working on them for an hour a day over the last couple of weeks and don't they look pretty in a neat little stack?
The blocks in this row are a good mix of easy and intricate blocks but this row really tested me and my patience. I mentioned before that I was paper piecing the trickier blocks to make them as accurate as possible, but it was the applique blocks which caused me the most grief.
I had chosen the freezer paper applique method but I rarely hand stitch these days because its no longer enjoyable or relaxing; I actually dread it. I was neither happy with the process, nor the results.
For me to enjoy this quilt, I had to look at other options and I finally decided to machine applique the blocks. Now I know this is not the traditional method, but I'm sure if Jane had this option way back in 1817, she may very well have done the same :)
I'm looking at my decision, as a modern approach to this quilt (just like the colour layout) and as I have no plans to let the quilt police anywhere near it, I'm happier with the look of my blocks and I'm no longer dreading the applique blocks in future rows.
So, now I can start Row B. The majority of blocks in this row are quite challenging but I'll take it one block and one challenge at a time and once its finished, I plan to sew the two rows together and see how this rainbow colour palette is working.
Happy sewing :)


  1. You already have a whole row! Good job. I agree with you: Each person makes his quilt as he wants. And that's fine. The important thing is to enjoy it. :) Hugs.

  2. Your work is very pretty, as always.

  3. I can't wait to see your first two rows together. I've had the book and the program for a few years now and I just haven't taken the jump.....

  4. They look awesome! I started mine in 2008, hand sewing it all. Needless to say I am not finished, as I put it aside to work on other things. I think I have about 90 blocks done. You, working on yours has me itching to get a few more blocks done. I have no rhyme or reason to my order, so I don't have any rows done, maybe that is what my next focus will be and then I may stay at it more regularly, but I am in no rush. Enjoy!

  5. Your blocks are beautiful. The pumpkin seed block looks beautifully appliqued, so I wouldn't give machine appliquéing them a second thought. I agree that Jane would have used that option!

  6. Your are doing great. I love your fabrics


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