Charlotte's Dream- Part Two

Late last year I introduced you to my new long term crochet project, the gorgeous Charlotte's Dream blanket. Since then I have been making steady progress and as my completed square pile grows, I'm exciting to see how this project will look when its finished:
I have just finished my twelfth square and because I'm making my blanket larger than the pattern, I still have four more squares to crochet.  My blanket is going to be huge but I want something two people can snuggle under and they can never be too big, right?
I do tend to get bored with repetitive projects but this one has kept me interested since I started the first square. I think its because they contain a lot of work and by the time one is finished you have forgotten the start of the pattern and the next square feels like a new project :)
I'm in no rush to finish this blanket; its a soothing project to pick up at the end of the day and fun to work on. I do have a little left over wool from each of the main colours and I have started a new project which I'll share with you when its finished (a little later in the week hopefully).
The original post for my Charlotte's Dream blanket can be found HERE and it includes the links to the free pattern from Look At What I Made. Plus I have a follow up post on wool type and quantities, hook size etc, that I'm using for my blanket HERE to help anyone that needs it.
Back to the hook :)


  1. Do you have links that describe the way you connected the squares and the border?

    1. Hi May, so sorry for the late reply I have just seen this comment. You can find all the instructions here:
      Hope that helps :)


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