Daisy Wheel Crocheted Cushion

I mentioned on Monday, that I'd started a smaller crocheted project using the leftover wool from my Charlotte's Dream squares. I finished it late last night, so I can share it with you, and the links to the free patterns/tutorials, which helped me along the way (links are at the end of the post).
It all started with some gorgeous Daisy Wheel squares using a free pattern from the very talented Mandy of Crochet Redagape. I had crocheted one of these squares earlier in the year, just to try the pattern but I didn't have the time to commit to another project. I decided that one day, I would crochet more and make my first ever cushion. As soon as I saw Mandy's gorgeous cushion, I knew had to stop everything and start one right away.
The nine squares were quick and easy to crochet and once my pile was finished it was time to join them into the cushion front. My squares were a little on the small side (about 4 1/2" finished), so to make my cushion a nice size, I decided I needed to either add another border to the squares or research some of the CJAYG (crochet join as you go) joining methods.
Thank goodness for Pinterest! I found quite a few lovely CJAYG methods and in the end I settled on this lovely flat braid join. This was a new method of joining to me and at first it was fiddly and I felt like I needed an extra pair of hands but the tutorial was amazing and walked me through every step which meant it went together quickly and perfectly.
I love the lacy feel is gives to the cushion front; very soft and feminine and so much nicer than joining squares using the slipstitch method, which is the only way I know. Next up was the cushion back and I made a large solid granny square for this and then crocheted the outer edges of the cushion together.
So here's my finished Daisy Wheel Crocheted Cushion. Its so pretty and I'm thrilled with the end result. This may have been my first cushion but it definitely wont be my last. I can see a few more of these being made in the future and I'm sure mum would love one for Mother's Day :)
Just a note regarding the cushion insert: I did make a homespun cover for the insert because you can see it through the cushion front and I thought this would give the cushion a neater finish.
So, here are the links to the free patterns/tutorials I used for my Daisy Wheel cushion
Daisy Wheel Granny Square Pattern- by Mandy of Crochet Redagpe
Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial- by The Patchwork Heart
Solid Granny Square (Cushion Back)- by Cherry Heart Crochet Corner
Each of these patterns/tutorials were detailed, easy to follow and well written so they made crocheting this cushion so easy for me :)
And here's the links to the wool and hook I used:
8ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and I used a 3.75mm Boye crochet hook.
I do love my new cushion. Its soft, sweet and looks right at home with my crocheted blankets and quilts. I'm looking forward to starting another one, very soon :)
Happy crocheting :)


  1. Hi Rose, I'm in the process of moving house, so not much time to play on the internet. I love your cushion and the colors are just perfect. When I get some free time, hopefully over the next few mths I will have to try this out. Thanks heaps for the links. Take care, Guida.

  2. absolutely stunning!
    thanx for sharing


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