Kiss Biscuits

I'm pretty sure everyone has their own recipe for Kiss Biscuits, but I was planning my surprise Valentine's Day snack for hubby and the kids lunchboxes and I thought I would share mine with you. Because our kids are all grown up now, its no longer "cute" to open lunchboxes at school/Uni/work and find a heart shaped, decorated cookie with "Love Mum" piped in big letters (who knew?), so now I have to be more incognito :)
Here's what I have planned for them this Valentine's Day:
I absolutely love Kiss Biscuits and this recipe is super quick and easy.  These buttery biscuits just melt in your mouth and its hard to stop at just one. This recipe is my favorite because its hands on in the mixing bowl and the more you play with the dough, the better the dough becomes. There's no need to refrigerate the dough, its a quick mix, roll, cut, cook, cool, ice and eat recipe. They are the best kind of recipes right?
I'm sandwiching my biscuits together with a generous amount of homemade raspberry jam and I'm keeping the decorations simple. This recipe is my Foundation Biscuit Recipe and its super easy to colour or flavour for other occasions and its always my starting point when making biscuit dough. You can cut the dough into any shape you like so I used a fluted circle cutter (remember I'm trying to be incognito, no big heart shapes here)
Decoration can be as simple or as complicated as you like. I made a batch of basic icing and then popped a little heart decoration in the centre (hardly noticeable right?? I won't embarrass anyone) and then dipped them in sprinkles.
The recipe yields around 16 sandwiched biscuits and they store well in an air tight container for a few days and they are perfect to pop in the lunchbox.
I know my family will love these and if you haven't tried them before, I hope you and your family do as well. You can download my recipe for Kiss Biscuits HERE or right click on the picture below and save to your computer for later.
I'm looking forward to adding these biscuits to their lunchboxes but I'm sure my son will have that red heart picked off the top before any of his school mates notice his biscuit made with love from mum ;)
Happy baking :)


  1. Thank you Rose for this lovely recipe, I hope you and yours have a great Valentine's Day. Guida

  2. Well I am going to have to make these lol, thanks for sharing your recipe and there very pretty!


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