Pear & Custard Cake

I promised you a recipe to try for Earth Hour and although I don't need an excuse to bake, I'm looking forward to that "technology free" hour together so I can make this Pear & Custard Cake:
This cake is just beautiful and its simply baked with lots of love ♥ It all goes together quickly and its easily adaptable if your don't have a tin of pears on hand. I have made it before with peaches and with apricots and both times, it was just as lovely.
I'm not really sure where I first found this recipe but its written in my recipe book, in my half legible shorthand, so I'm assuming I wrote it out while watching one of my cooking shows. I can't credit the source for this amazing cake but I do mentally thank them every time I bake it :)
The cake is light and moist, full of tiny bites of succulent pear and the centre is laden with smooth, creamy custard, making it pretty special. It's not overly sweet but there is a lovely hit of vanilla, which I love.
Its perfect for any occasion really and just for the record; kids love it so if you send it school for an event, the plate comes home empty and the teacher will ask you for the recipe.
There's no need for bells and whistles with this cake, just give it a generous sprinkling of icing sugar and serve. It makes it the perfect cake to bake for school fetes or picnics or if you need a plate to take to a friends house to share with coffee.
If you would like to try this lovely Pear & Custard Cake, you can download the recipe HERE or right click on the image below and save to your computer for later.
So that's what we will be having this Earth Hour. I'm pretty sure we are playing Monopoly and seriously, I always choose the THIMBLE. I'm crushed they are replacing this iconic game piece with something else. So sad :(
Happy baking :)


  1. looks delish! I'll print it out and leave it on the kitchen counter. Since Rob retired he does all the cooking. I'm utterly happy to be the clean up crew! Thank you, Sharyn

  2. Ohhh... this also looks yammie...

  3. Looks delish! I love custard and mixed with the cake and pears.....YUM!I do have a question, what is custard powder? I have never heard of this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pears and custard, two of my favourite foods...may have to try your recipe, Rose. 🍐


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