Milo Bundt Cake

Milo is a staple in our house and while we love a steaming hot mug of that chocolate malt goodness, its also a great ingredient to cook with. I use it occasionally in muffins or slices for the lunchboxes because it makes a lovely little treat. At the moment we are on school holidays so I thought I'd whip up my Milo Bundt Cake because trust me this cake is seriously delicious.

Its moist, sweet and packed with that yummy chocolate malt flavour we all love, and a slice of this takes you right back to your childhood and eating spoonfuls of Milo straight from the tin (I do admit to maybe/possibly/definitely sneaking a spoonful or two of Milo as I was baking this cake - don't judge, I'm really not as grown up as I think I am).

For those of you who may not know Milo and need an alternative, Milo is a chocolate malt powder that is mixed with either hot or cold milk producing a delicious beverage. It was developed in Australia in 1934 and is now also manufactured and sold as snack bars, ready made drinks and breakfast cereals. If your looking for a substitute for Milo you can find a couple of great homemade Milo recipes on the MamaBake website, HERE.

This cake is a little bit naughty but I truly believe that if you are going to break the diet then make it worth it, right? There's always tomorrow to hit the gym or go for a run :)
It's a cake you would cook as a special treat and it does present well with a simple sprinkling of icing sugar. I love cooking with bundt tins as it gives the cake an elegant look, and the portion sizes are a little smaller. If bundt tins aren't your thing then it also cooks well in an ordinary tin, just adjust your cooking times accordingly.

My Milo addiction stems back to my childhood and our son is just the same. When he was little he would steal spoonfuls from the tin just like I did/still do. I'd often find him playing quietly and thinking he had got away with it but there was always that telltale chocolate moustache on his sweet little face that gave the game away :)
Both of us prefer this cake to a dense chocolate cake because of that gorgeous chocolate malt flavour and I hope you do as well.

If you would like to give my Milo Bundt Cake a try, you can download the recipe by clicking the link or right click on the picture below and save to your computer for later.

I hope you enjoy this delicious cake. I'll be back sometime next week with my new May mini quilt but for now I'm going to enjoy the rest of the holidays, relaxing with the kids, watching some DVD's, catching up on some crochet projects and nibbling on cake.

Happy baking :)


  1. Thank you very much for your recipes. I am making my recipe book much more delicious thanks to you. A hug.

  2. Thanks Rose for another great recipe, this one will be done tomorrow. Guida.


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