It's the Little Things :)

 "When you love what you have, you have all you need"
This gorgeous quote popped up in my Facebook feed the other day and it really resonated with me. I've always been content with what I have; I have never looked at other peoples lives and wanted what they have too! I love and I am loved and that is all I need.
But sometimes you come across something lots of people have (and rave about) and its pretty and useful and you just have to have one too because you know its going make life just that little bit easier. 
This adorable magnetic pin bowl arrived in the post last week. I follow Jodi Nelson on Instagram and her gorgeous pin bowls have popped up in my feed numerous times over the years. She was hand making them at this stage, so quantities were always limited and due to time differences I would miss her sale times and stock sold while I slept.
Because of their popularity, they are now mass produced and are being distributing by Riley Blake. Once I heard there was stock coming to Australia, I pre-ordered this one and patiently waited a few months for it to arrive.
I have a large pincushion collection plus a few pin bowls, one of which is also magnetic and I use it for my pins while piecing, but I really wanted this one for my safety pins.
I keep my safety pins in a glass jar with a seal and it works really well as storage, keeping my pins safe from moisture. My biggest problem is while I'm quilting at my machine and taking out the pins, I have no (safe) place to sit them until I return a pile of them to the glass jar (I know, not a life threatening problem).
I must be an over energetic free motion quilter because I move those big quilts around so much that countless times I have slid the pile of removed pins off my sewing table and they drop to the floor, tangling in cottons and then later disappearing up the vacuum cleaner. Or I have managed to knock the glass jar off completely spraying pins around the room, and trust me, picking them all up before I continue quilting is neither productive nor fun :(
This little pin bowl is the perfect solution for me. Even if I do manage to slide it off the sewing table, that magnet is so strong those safety pins are not going anywhere and I can fill it up and decant the pins safely back into the glass jar without losing any.
I hope to try it out properly over the weekend when I quilt next months mini quilt. It was a great little investment which will hopefully save me some agony in the studio and the best bit is its sooooo pretty and looks so sweet on my sewing table :) And I think it so special to me because I waited so long for it and I was so excited when it finally arrived.
I purchased mine from Alisha at Ministry of Fabric but I'm sure you can find them at your own local quilt store. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and different designs and well worth every cent.
Just before I go, I do want to thank everyone who leaves a comment on my blog, it makes my day. Unfortunately many of you are "no reply commenters" and I can not answer you back. It does make me feel rude or neglectful so please know from the bottom of my heart.....thank you, thank you thank you :) your comments mean the world to me and I really want to answer them. If you would like to change your comment setting, or check your settings so I can personally answer you, there is a link HERE that shows you how.
Happy quilting :)


  1. Love your tray, I had a look at my profile but couldn't figure it out. When my kids has time Ill get them to look at it. Take care. Guida.

  2. I really like the bowl. I agree with you that there are little things that give great joy.
    I want everything to be all right for you.


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