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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the editor of FaveQuilts and asked if I would like some of my designs featured on their website. Yes please!!! How exciting :)
The first pattern they featured was my free pattern, Incandescence Candle Mats:
I do love this pattern and we use these mats quite frequently. Maddi and I like to burn scented candles and sometimes incense, so its nice to have something pretty to sit our candles on. Its a great scrap busting project and quick and easy to make.
You can find the free pattern HERE.
I had never visited the FaveQuilts site before and I have to say, its very impressive. Lots and lots of patterns, tutorials and information to keep you scrolling for hours :)
Here's a screenshot of how they featured my pattern. Looks pretty cute, doesn't it?
Grab yourself a coffee and head on over to the Favequilts website, HERE. There is so much inspiration and loads of amazing projects; make sure you bookmark the site and sign up for their updates. From time to time you will see more of my projects pop up, so if you have made any of my designs, be sure to leave a rating :)
I've got lots to share with you in the coming weeks. We have been enjoying school holidays here and its been wonderful to have Cohen home plus Les took some time off as well to hang with us as well. Life returns to normal on Tuesday, so no more sleep-ins :(
Happy quilting :)

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  1. Congrats Rose, I will look at that site now. Guida


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