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Since late April, I have been spending my nights crocheting baby blankets to add to my Threadbare Handmade store. Over the weekend I photographed and packaged them all and my first drop of listings is now available for purchase.
I thought I'd share a little about each of the blankets, to show you what I've been working on.
First up is this gorgeous blue and white checkerboard blanket. This was a fun project to crochet and I love those shades of blue. Its so soft and snugly and perfect for a newborn.
All of my blankets are crocheted using an acrylic/nylon yarn which is perfect for multiple cold hand washes; a definite must with baby accessories. Each blanket comes with washing instructions plus a little swing tag, if you are giving the blanket as a gift.
You can read more about this blanket in the listing HERE.
I also made one in a pink colour way and I really love this one. I wish I'd been crocheting when my kids were babies because I loved dressing them in the woolens my mum made and these blankets would have been gorgeous too. (oh well, wait for the grandkids eh?)
You can read more about this blanket in the listing HERE.
I love this "Rainbow Star" blanket. It was my first time using variegated wool and it was fun to work with. I enjoyed watching this blanket grow with each round and the finished star shape is something different and unique. What baby wouldn't look cuddly wrapped up in this? It was also make a lovely throw for that much needed tummy time.
You can read more about this blanket in the listing HERE.
This "White Diamonds" blanket is just sweet and simple. The original pattern included lots of lazy daisies in the border and I worked a couple of rows before I decided it looked much better without them; simple is best in most cases.
Have you noticed the little cub I'm using in the photo's? Its Maddi's!  Maddi was the Queen of soft toys when she was little and they all had names. This one was called "Kitty Whiskers Tiger Lily" and she would get indignant if we didn't refer to it by name. Cohen had a small collection but he was more a Matchbox car hoarder. It was a trip down memory lane looking for a toy for these photo shoots; lots of fond memories and well loved toys.
You can read more about this blanket in the listing HERE.
Do you remember the HST granny squares I shared with you HERE? Well this is what I did with mine. This blanket was a fun little, crochet meets quilting project and I can see myself doing more of these sorts of blankets in the future.
Once the large flying geese block was complete I added a simple white border and some pom poms. This is more of a decoration blanket really as those pom poms could be a choking hazard but if you remove them then it would be a super cuddly blanket to snuggle your precious newborn under.
You can read more about this blanket in the listing HERE.
And finally my "Rainbow Stripe" baby blanket. This is my favorite and its my first ever C2C blanket. I love this stitch, its makes a beautiful warm blanket and very easy to do. I kinda followed a pattern with this one but I had to adapt it to make it the size I wanted and I added more stripes. I finished it off with a pretty scalloped border and I love it; its going to be hard to part with this one :(
You can read more about the listing HERE.
So that's what I've been busy working on over the last few months. I have heaps more yarn in the basket and lots of new patterns I want to try so my nights will be busy making a new batch of blankets for the shop.
If you would like to own something I have personally created, you can see all my Threadbare Handmade listings in my shop HERE. Everything is pretty and functional and made with lots of love ♥
Happy crocheting :)

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