Crocheted Rose Bunting

A few weeks ago Ashleigh from Sewrella held a mystery crochet-a-long and I started along with everyone else on Day 1 but fell behind quite quickly. The mystery was revealed long before I got back to my hook and the finished product was a pretty Rose Bunting. I've finished mine now and I wanted to share it with you:
This was a fun project to crochet and once I had time to work on mine, it came together in a couple of nights. I worked my bunting in an acrylic 8ply yarn that I had in the wool basket.  I was pleased with my choice in the end because its thickness adds a little bit of stability to the bunting. Mine will hang in the studio at some stage and it fits perfectly across one of my windows, so it was meant to be.
You're required to crochet ten bunting pennants and the pattern is very easy to follow. In saying that though, I had added the white lace edging to six of them before I realised I hadn't read the pattern correctly and made an error. I decided to leave it and keep doing it my way, which gave my edging a fuller look than it should have, but I love it ♥  Lesson learnt, I need to read patterns properly before taking off and thinking I know what I'm doing :)
The little 3D roses are super sweet and very feminine.  They would also make a great embellishment to add to hats or gloves so I'll be keeping the pattern for future projects. I may have pulled mine a little tight, but I wanted them to look like newly opening rose buds.
I did notice on the Sewrella Facebook group, that a large range of embellishments were added instead of the roses. I saw other flowers, succulents and even lettering, spelling out the family surname. There was one clever lady who did a whole Halloween theme for hers which looked great too.
If you are not a member of a crocheting or quilting group on Facebook, go and search for a few and join up. You find a lot of support and positive inspiration in these groups and its the only reason I still enjoy using Facebook these days.
The pennants are crocheted together with a simple binding made with two rounds of SC. I used the darker denim blue yarn for this because I thought my bunting needed another colour and I think it frames the pennants perfectly. Again I was happy with my yarn choice as this acrylic crochets tightly and the binding wont distort or stretch too much when its been hanging for some time.
I also noticed a few variations of the binding in the Facebook group; some had added wider more elaborate or thicker binding and they looked great as well.
I'm so thrilled with my bunting and I'm so glad I finished it. Its going to look so pretty in my studio and as its in front of my sewing machine, I'll be able to admire it as I sew.
Its another very clever design from Ashleigh.  She does design some amazing projects for the home, and if you want to make your own Rose Bunting you can find the patterns on her blog HERE, just search "Mystery CAL" and there are 5 days worth of steps to collect.
I had heaps of fun with this project, I hope you do as well :)
Happy crocheting :)


  1. What a lovely bunting you have made, love the colors.

  2. Your bunting looks awesome, the colors are my favorite. Take care, Guida.


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