Snip,snip, snip!

I promised to tell you all about those gorgeous new scissors that arrived last week:
These elegant little scissors are from Warm Crochet and when I first saw them I had to buy a pair. I love pretty scissors and their exquisite detailed texture, just stole my heart ♥
They are available in four colour finishes (bronze, gold, silver and red bronze) and I chose the silver and now I wish I'd ordered a pair in each finish, they are just adorable.
They are light weight, super sharp and they're nice and pointy so they're perfect for snipping stray threads or getting into those tight corners. The detail is just beautiful and don't they transport you back to older times when things were much more ornate and elegant? And the best part is, they are inexpensive!
Delivery is super fast and cheap to Australia (from USA) so go and grab a pair or four, HERE :)
I thought I'd show you some of my other favorite scissors as well. You probably see them pop up in photos from time to time, but I thought you might like to know why they are special to me.
First up are my stork scissors. Way back when Les and I were first married, I cross stitched samples for a local craft shop. Every visit to the shop, I'd admire the gorgeous scissors in their velvet boxes behind the glass, knowing we couldn't justify or afford the expense. Les, the wonderful man that he is, brought me a pair after noticing how often I admired them. I'm pretty sure we didn't eat that week because of the cost but I was the happiest wife ever. That was close to 29 years ago and they are always right beside me during every project I work on.
Back when we did a huge house renovation, I thought I'd lost them in the chaos which left me devastated. I searched everywhere, fearing the builders had thrown them out accidentally but they turned up weeks later in the lining of one of my craft bags, much to my relief :)
These scissors are high on my list of favorites. I brought them purely because they were pretty (and so was the packaging). I didn't realise that I would use them ALL the time. They live right next to my machine and I use them for snipping threads as I sew. My machine does have a inbuilt thread snipper thingy but why use that when you can use something pretty right?
I love how these scissors feel in my hand; they are weighty with beautiful, smooth ceramic handles and they cut perfectly every time plus they are blue so whats not to love?
I also have a pair of scissors from each of my grandmothers sewing baskets. One grandma was a beautiful embroiderer and her scissors are the larger etched pair. I remember her having ribbon tied to them because she was always losing them in the sofa. They were her constant companion as she worked and she was quite adamant about not letting me touch them.
I never saw my other grandma sew anything, not even a button but she had a sewing basket and inside I found those tiny scissors and thimble which I just love.
Neither pair of scissors cut anymore but I love having them in my sewing bag, it makes me feel close to both of them ♥
I brought these scissors on a recent trip to Melbourne, in a gorgeous French Provincial shop. There was no logic or purpose in buying them, I just knew they had to come home with me. They are razor sharp and fantastic for cutting through wadding or denim etc. plus they remind me of old colonial scissors. They are pretty to look at and useful as well so i think my purchase was justified.
So that's some of my favorite scissors. I also have countless pairs of fabric scissors, paper scissors, paper piecing scissors and general craft scissors and each pair has a specific job or purpose. I guess all crafter's are the same and have heaps of pairs because without our scissors, we just can't craft ;)
Happy sewing :)


  1. And thanks to you, I have a pair of the red bronze ones now!

  2. I am suppose to be on a self imposed craft diet, but I just could not resist these scissors and you are right the postage was really cheap. I bought myself a pair and one for my mother. Thanks Rose.


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