Virtual Blanket #grannysquareday2017

Did you know that Tuesday, August 15th is Granny Square Day? There's a crochet feed on Instagram at the moment #grannysquareday2017 which has a awesome idea and I thought you might like to participate. The feed was set up to make one huge virtual blanket with everyone's granny square photo's; cool idea right?
There's already heaps of beautiful and inspiring creations in the feed so grab your hooks and yarn and add your own creation to the virtual blanket :) Here's a few ideas:
This is the square I'm contributing. Its not a traditional granny but I wanted to test this square for another project I'm planning and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.  This square is called New Bloom and its another gorgeous free pattern from Mandy at Crochet Redagape, which you can find HERE. I'm thinking of crocheting a whole batch of these in different colour ways to make a blanket.
Do you remember the Daisy Wheel squares I made for my cushion HERE? This is another quick and easy square to crochet and its so pretty. I just love all of that texture ♥ I'd like to make a blanket of these squares as well but there's just never enough time in the day.
You can find the free pattern HERE.
I'm currently working on a new baby blanket for the shop and I'm using this lovely Maybelle Flower square. I'm raiding my yarn stash and making this blanket pretty, bright, colourful and fun.
These squares crochet up quickly but you need two patterns to complete them; one for the flower and another for the edging.
Begin by reading the blog post HERE which gives you all the links you need.
And if you want to go traditional, don't forget I posted a chart a few weeks ago for this little sweetie HERE. You can use the chart to crochet your square or you can use some written instructions HERE, if you prefer.
Plus have a search on Pinterest. There are tonnes of free patterns and so much inspiration.
Go and have some fun; crochet a granny, upload your photo on Instagram and tag it #grannysquareday2017 and be a part of the huge virtual blanket.
I know I've been sharing a lot of crocheting posts this week but I'm working hard behind the scenes preparing a special sewing project for National Sewing Month in September. I'm having so much fun with it and I cant wait to share. I must get back to the machine :)
Happy crocheting :)

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