From One Mystery To An Enigma.....:)

A few weeks ago I received a lovely message from Suzanne. She had purchased a couple of my patterns and she wanted to show me how she used my Enigma mini quilt pattern and I just had to share this with you:
How awesome is that? A painted Enigma Barn Quilt. I didn't realise it was painted at first glance but isn't she clever? Such a pretty Barn Quilt and so unique. I love that she chose the same colour palette as my original mini and from looking in the background at that gorgeous quilt, I think Suzanne and I share similar colour tastes :)
I did a bit of enlarging and cropping of Suzanne's photos, just so you can see how perfect this is. She has done a fantastic job. I love it ♥
In Suzanne's own words, here is her painting process:

"Since you were so gracious to include an outline of the design with your pattern, I was able to go to Kinko's and blow it up 222% to fit my wood. I then applied three coats of white Kiltz exterior primer. Then I used watercolor wax free transfer paper to transfer the design to the wood. I used the green frog tape to tape off the sections and I used three coats of Ceramcoat patio paint. I chose not to put a sealer on it because I have found it yellows over time, plus if I need to touch it up in the future, I will not have to fight through the sealer to touch it up. I decided to hang this one inside and have finished the quilt that I had planned to make with that pattern for my daughter. I was able to make it twice the size because it was paper pieced and it turned out beautifully. Since I loved the color choices you made so much, I made another barn quilt that wasn't quite as difficult and have hung that on the front of my house. I'm not sure how well the Ceramcoat Patio Paint will weather, so this trial and error. There are tons of Barn Quilt tutorials on YouTube."- Suzanne

So there's another use for those colouring pages I include in my mini patterns, people! Just gorgeous. Its made me consider ordering some little fridge magnets using the diagrams from these mini quilt patterns. You can order the magnets HERE, if your interested.
Suzanne not only painted the design but she also made her own Enigma quilt, using her pattern enlargements:
Gorgeous isn't it? This one finishes at 27" square and Suzanne is using it as a wall hanging :)
It goes to show how versatile these mini quilt patterns are. I love bringing you a monthly mini because you can adapt them so easily by enlarging the pattern or making multiple blocks for a full sized quilt or as Suzanne has now shown us, they make fantastic painted Barn Quilts as well.
Suzanne also used the same colour palette for a Star Barn Quilt. Originally she painted Enigma to hang over her front door but she was worried about fading so she's keeping it inside and has hung this one instead. So pretty! I do love these colours :)
I think they are all awesome Suzanne ♥ Thanks so much for sharing them with me and allowing me to share them with my readers. It makes me happy to know that my pattern has been so versatile and you now have these gorgeous projects to admire. Well done and I cant wait to see what you do with your Electra pattern :)
Did you know the Fat Quarter Shop has declared September 16 its first "National Sew A Jelly Roll Day"?  How fun! I'm joining in with a new design which is already in progress. Next week I'll give you a sneak peek :)
Happy sewing :)


  1. Rose, thanks so much for sharing my photos. You are so encouraging and creative. I can't wait to see your new design.
    Thanks again,

  2. Wow Rose, thank you for sharing this and a big thank you for Suzanne in sharing her work with all of us. Its stunning both the pattern and the barn block. Take care, Guida.

  3. Hi Rose, wow, there are some amazing creative talented ladies, Susanne is one of them. Thankyou for sharing. Kind Regards Sue


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