It's A Blizzard

The encouragement and support I received from you guys during (and after) my 7 Day Mystery Sew Along was amazing. Even though we were miles apart, it felt like we were all together sewing our Snowflake's :)
It's great to know that each installment was fun, that they kept you interested, that they were manageable and most importantly, that they kept you guessing until the very last installment :) Apparently I can keep a secret ;)
Thanks to those who sent me photo's. I do love to see what you make with my designs and I'm honoured to share them here with everyone. Lets have a look at some of your Snowflake's:
Vicki's was the first Snowflake I saw and she was so quick getting it quilted and bound. I love her fabric choices; its a perfect soft and pretty snowflake and it looks great on her table. The quilting looks amazing too, just perfect for this design. Great job Vicki, it stunning and I'm thrilled you love your new table cloth (and thanks for the encouragement during my mini panic attack on Day 2 ♥).
Next up is Chris's and she totally proved me wrong, blue was not the only option to use on this design. It looks absolutely stunning in red. It will be perfect for Christmas and how striking will it look on her table amid the festive colours of Christmas? Thank you Chris, I hope you and your family enjoy your tablecloth for years to come.
Anne Ida also chose red for her Snowflake and this one is gorgeous. Have a close look at her quilting; shes my inspiration when it comes to FMQing. Anne Ida has a knack for choosing the perfect quilting design for every project she makes and she very cleverly sections areas to makes the whole design pop! I love it hun, its gorgeous ♥
This is Cintia's Snowflake and its just perfect. Aren't those fabrics gorgeous? Its a stunning version of this pattern and I hope she has fun quilting it. Thank you Cintia, I'm so happy to know you had fun making the quilt top and look forward to seeing the finished quilt ♥
Kim's version is gorgeous too. I love these fabrics and they look so striking against the white background. Great job Kim, I love following you on IG and look forward to seeing what else you have to share in the future and to see this quilt top finished.
Skye's version stopped me in my tracks, its just stunning. I love the yellow and gold tone backgrounds and I think the Snowflake is pieced in a Liberty print, not quite sure ♥ Skye did all her own quilting as well and it looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Skye, I'm thrilled you learned some new techniques along the way and I imagine you can't wait for the Christmas season to arrive so you can use your new table cloth :)
Saru's version is soooo soft and pretty and I love these fabrics. That background print is adorable, wonder where she got that? The print on the blue fabric is so delicate and pretty and I'm so happy she loves her Snowflake :) Saru has added a plain border to float the snowflake and her quilting is just gorgeous. Thank you Saru for this stunning version of my design and you mentioned you made it for a gift, so I hope the lucky recipient loves it too :)
Trevea chose a black and white combination for her Snowflake and how awesome is this? Those fabrics are so pretty and its made a stunning quilt top. Great job Trevea, I love this one so much. ♥ Trevea has been busy sewing this mystery with her three grandchildren, Marcus (13), Cameron (10) and Analiese (10) and here's Cameron's finished Snowflake:
Wow! Wow! Wow! Cameron this is gorgeous :) Your fabric selection is perfect for Christmas and look how perfectly pieced this is guys. There's no way I was sewing like this at 10 :) He's done an amazing job with the quilting as well. I love it Cameron, thanks so much for sewing along with me and sharing your Snowflake. You should be super proud of yourself and Trevea, I'm thrilled this project was fun for all four of you :) Can't wait to see the others.
And lastly, here's Laura's Snowflake. This is another gorgeous red version. Ladies you have me sold on this red and white combo, I want a red snowflake too :) I can't wait to see how you quilt this Laura, its going to be stunning ♥
Aren't these ladies clever? Each of the Snowflakes are perfectly pieced and I'm so proud of all of you. It just goes to show, the simpler the design the more stunning the quilt.
Thank you again to everyone who participated, or emailed or commented and to those who shared their work with me. You guys are the best! Sharing this design as a mystery was so much fun and seeing the results has filled me with joy!
If you didn't get a chance to send me a photo before this round up, still send one. Id love to see your Snowflake and if I get enough photo's I'll do a second round up post.
I have a new monthly mini to share with you later this week, so stay gunna love this one ♥
Happy sewing my clever peeps :)


  1. I love them all. I didn't have the time to quilt along with you but now that I see all these beautiful quilts, I must make one!

  2. These are all so pretty! Ooh, I'm glad I didn't start quilting mine. I need to add a plain border! I will have to make the backing bigger too then.

  3. They are all so awesome!! But I am definitely adding a bare border to mine!!! Thanks for showing mine off, but kudos to Anne Ida for the red and cream, which I think was subliminally planted in my head after seeing her start!

  4. beautiful snowflakes!
    well done ladies!
    thanx for sharing

  5. Thank you so much for sharing everyone's snowflakes, I squealed a tad when I saw mine with them all Hehe. I would call the floral a liberty inspired print (from Australian apq). There's no way I could choose my favourite quilt, but I afore the red and white, and the black and white, and Cameron's is so cool! Love the floating snowflake and sarus quilting. Well done everyone, and thank you rose xxx

  6. Aren't they all beautiful, Thankyou again Rose, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Kind Regards Sue

  7. Love them all.Mine is also blue, I have to quilting it now.

  8. What a fabulous parade of snowflakes! They all look wonderful! And I guess everyone had just as much of a blast playing along in your mystery as I did! Thank you so much, hun, for doing this! Big hugs xxx


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