Thank You ♥

Just a quick little post to thank you all of you for your lovely comments yesterday on my Mystery Sew Along. It appears I can keep a secret and it was a mystery right till the end YAY, goal achieved! Everyone seemed to have fun and we all got talking which was wonderful!
I've already seen a few Snowflakes pop up on social media and its makes me happy. Your versions are gorgeous and you have done a wonderful job :)
Please don't forget to send me a picture or two; I would love to put them all in a future post to share with everyone. I'll wait a couple of weeks before posting them, to give everyone time to finish their Snowflakes and send through some pics. :)
Last week was the best week ever. Thanks again my clever peeps ♥


  1. Thanks you for the fun.Today I´ve finished sewing all the blocks!!

  2. Had heaps of fun doing your mystery, Rose! Thank you so much!

  3. I've enjoyed the 7 day mystery, it was just long enough for me to finish. Some mysteries are so long that I lose interest or fall behind, but this was just the right size and now it's a top. Thank you so much!!


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