It's A Blizzard (Part 2)

As promised, I'm doing another round up post of readers Snowflakes from my 7 Day Mystery Sew Along last month. There's only three but you really have to see these ones too, they are gorgeous:
First up is Analiese's snowflake and she is another of Trevea's grandchildren and she is 10. Wow! Analiese, your sewing is impeccable and what stunning fabrics you have used. I love the dark, textured background and your snowflake looks so delicate and pretty ♥
Great job honey, I'm so happy you joined in and had fun making your snowflake :)
Next up we have Marcus who is 13 and another of Trevea's grandchildren. He's also chosen a dark background and it looks like he's used an army print for his snowflake. All three of these kids quilts are pieced so perfectly, they blew me away! Marcus, your snowflake looks incredible and I'm so proud of you. I hope you have as much fun using your table cloth as you did making it :)
And lastly, here's Rosa's. I love the background fabric she has used, its just perfect for her snowflake. The tone of that blue fabric is just stunning and she has pieced her snowflake perfectly. Thanks for sharing with us Rosa, I'm eager to see this quilted and I hope you use it heaps during Christmas :)
Well I think that's everyone's Snowflake I have received but if I have missed yours please email me an angry, finger wagging message for being so remiss ;)
In other news, I have been asked to design a project showcasing some new Art Gallery fabrics so I'll be bringing you another free project very soon. There's no mystery with this one, just a straight forward "see it and make it" kinda pattern, so keep a look out for that early November. I'm excited!
Happy sewing :)

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  1. Hi Rose! I know I am late, but I want to thank you for this great pattern and fun mystery. I did post pictures of the final quilt on my blog. I copied others by adding a small border, and the idea of Anne Ida's echo quilting and swirls, although I did make changes. I don't expect you to post it on your blog, but thought you would want to know.


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