PDF Pattern Sale + Your Free December 2017 Calendar

My diary says today's task is to release my December mini quilt design but we all know life doesn't go according to plan. I don't have a new pattern for you today but I do have something else which I hope you think is just as much fun. I'm sure you can all appreciate that we've been so busy helping Maddi and Michael with their new home, that our own plans have taken a backseat.
They weren't expecting to buy a house until Jan/Feb next year but they stumbled across the perfect house, in the perfect area, for the perfect price quite unexpectedly and within weeks they were home owners...... and excited little home owners at that, as I'm sure you can imagine :)
I love when things like that happen. It was obviously meant to be and they are so over the moon about this wonderful opportunity. Its important for us to do all we can to help them and what a special milestone in their lives to share.
So there's been no sewing time for me :( That's OK though. It's good to step away sometimes and recharge the designer brain. At the moment we are enjoying all the excitement this new home has brought to our most favorite couple ♥
To celebrate their excitement and instead of a new pattern, I'm running a sale for you:
From today until the end of December use the code NEWHOME20 at checkout, in either of my PDF Pattern shops and receive 20% off your purchase. Its my way of saying thank you for all the wonderful support during the past year....well every year actually.  There may be patterns you've considered purchasing and haven't, so now's the time to save some money and treat yourself.
Head over to my Big Cartel shop HERE or for instant downloads visit my Etsy shop HERE and don't forget to enter the discount code at checkout to receive your 20% discount on everything.
Madeline's move means a lot of reshuffling for us. Cohen is taking her room, I'm moving my studio into his room (YAY! finally inside the house.....I'm currently in a room off the garage) and Les is moving into my studio where he will have the space for his model railway again. Ten years ago he had it set up but moved it out to give me space to sew and run Threadbare. I'm thrilled he'll be able to do what he loves again, after such a generous sacrifice.
There's a tonne of re-painting, cleaning, moving, furniture assembly and purging before we are all settled in our new designated areas, so that's what I'll be doing for the next "however many weeks it takes to finish" :)
Luckily I have a few Christmas blog posts already scheduled so you will hear from me over December but not as much as I had originally planned and I promise 2018 will have lots of new Monthly Mini quilts to inspire you.
Before I leave I do have your free December 2017 Calendar:
To download and print your calendar just visit HERE.
I hope December is a wonderful month for you and your family. It is the greatest time of the year and even with everything we need to do, I'm looking forward to what this next month brings :) And who knows, I may even find some time to work on the Christmas mini I did have planned- no promises but fingers crossed :)

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