Confetti Cupcakes

I have a fun little recipe for you today, just in time for Easter. You're going to love these super sweet and totally delicious Confetti Cupcakes:
In our house, Easter isn't complete unless I bake a batch of cupcakes for the Saturday night egg hunt. Many years ago, my girlfriend and I began hosting an egg hunt for our children and while we hid the eggs outside the house, the kids (and the dads) munched on cupcakes inside the house; it kept them busy.
The kids are all grown up now, one with a child of his own, but everyone still enjoys our Easter tradition (its more about getting together than the actual hunt).
There's nothing prettier, or yummier, than a vanilla cupcake with a generous swirl of buttercream. Add some confetti sprinkles to the batter and you create a special surprise inside. My cupcake recipe is soft and fluffy but you can always use your own favorite recipe or if you're short on time, grab a cake mix from the supermarket; its really all about the sprinkles.
I add about three tablespoons of sprinkles to my cupcake batter. You can add more if you like but I think a light scattering throughout the cupcake is enough. The sprinkles become much darker when they melt so for these ones, less is best.
Fold the sprinkles through the batter gently because over working them will cause them to bleed and dye the batter; unless of course you like the tie dyed effect, then go with that.
I use confetti sprinkles but you can use any sugar sprinkles from your pantry. They melt in the cooking process so your cupcakes are sprinkled with little bursts of colour. And of course you have to top cupcakes with buttercream, you just have to....enough said ;) And more sprinkles :)
They're a lovely treat for Easter because lets face it, this time of year is a chocolate overload and even the avid chocoholic needs an alternative. They're also fun to make with the kids and a plate of these would be perfect for a Easter class party.
But don't just think Easter. A plate of Confetti Cupcakes would be perfect for a birthday party, a baby shower, an anniversary party or for a movie night with the girls. Seriously, who doesn't love a celebration without a scattering of sprinkles?
If you would like to try my Confetti Cupcakes you can download the recipe by clicking the link or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer for later.

I hope you and your family enjoy these Confetti Cupcakes. You can also find a few of my other Easter recipes HERE to help with your celebrations.
Be safe over the holiday period and enjoy this valuable time with those you love.
Happy Easter and happy baking :)


  1. Your cupcakes look absolutely yummy. Yay for family time and the opportunity to get together.

    1. Thanks Anorina. Happy Easter to you and your family 😊


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