Week Ending (March 25)

Happy Sunday everyone :) I hope you've had a fantastic week. I've been sick and miserable with the flu so its been a very quiet one for me. Happily I'm on the mend and life is slowly going back to normal.
The only positive to being sick was filling my days with lots of computer time and I finally gave my blog a much needed makeover (I hope you like it). I also had plenty of time to look at what everyone else is doing and found lots of great links to share. It was hard to pick just seven but here we go:
  • I loooove anything golden syrup and I can't wait to try these Golden Syrup Banana Bread Dumplings. Its a fun little twist on a classic dessert and you can find the recipe HERE.
  • I want to crochet some cushion covers for winter decorating and I found this lovely free pattern HERE. I love the texture and those cables are beautiful. 
  • I also found this cabled cushion cover HERE. I like this one as well and I'm thinking I will make both of these. I can match them with the cushions I already have to give our lounge that warm cozy feel for winter :)
  • Zipper pouches are super useful for storing quilting supplies and projects, and having a clear vinyl cover helps you see the contents inside. There's a great tutorial HERE for a clear front zipper pouch and it includes step by step photo instructions to guide you every step of the way.
  • If your looking for a quick and easy free motion quilting design, there's a great tutorial HERE. Its a great starting point and then you can move onto more intricate designs as you feel comfortable.
  • Who knew pool noodles could be so versatile in the sewing room? Check out this article HERE and see how useful they are for storing quilts, blocks, and bindings and how helpful they are for basting quilts.
  • I love my Pleasant Home Magnetic Pin bowl and I noticed there are a few new designs available. I'm loving this one from Tasha Noel HERE but get in quick as these are limited editions.
That's my list for this week. I'll be back very soon with a new mini quilt pattern to release but until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you've had time to be creative :)
Happy Week Ending :)


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Always love reading your weekending posts.

    1. Thanks Heide. I love writing these posts and I hope they bring some inspiration :)


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