Sewing For Spring Quilt Market- Portland 2018

I've been busy sewing for Quilt Market (now there's something I never thought I'd type). After releasing my Belle mini quilt, the fabric designer asked me if I'd like to sew another version in her upcoming fabric line for Spring Quilt Market (insert squeals!). And of course I said yes!

Summer Blush is the third fabric line for Sedef Imer from Down Grapevine Lane and its due to be released in August. I've been hanging out for this range since she first announced it, so to be able to see, feel and play with it way ahead of release was such an honor and soooooo exciting. Plus my project is going to Spring Quilt Market as part of the Riley Blake stand :) (oh my goodness!!!)

Sedef chose the eight fabrics I required to recreate Belle and I excitedly ripped into the packaging to see which ones she had sent me to work with. They are all gorgeous but I would love a bolt or two of that red flower print to use in every project I sew from here on in :)
The colour palette reminds me of a watermelon; beautiful reds, greens and those luscious melons. They are stunning fabrics and you need to add this line to your wish list. You really do :)

I love all three of Sedef's lines but Summer Blush would have to be my new favorite. I'm sure its going to be very popular at Quilt Market and its very different to the autumn tones of Sweet Prairie which I used for my original Belle mini. You can see the full Summer Blush range HERE.

Belle is a beautiful design to sew, and playing with this colour combination was heaps of fun. Its interesting to see how different fabrics change the whole look of a design and the Summer Blush version is fresh, summery and super sweet.

Because Belle is a teeny tiny 14" square quilt, Sedef was worried it would get lost on the wall of quilts in the stand so she asked me to make it into a cushion front. It will be sitting in front of her mannequin and it will hopefully be more visible. I added a 3" border all around the design to allow for the curve of the cushion and it looks just stunning ♥

I love seeing both versions of Belle together. They share a common design but each has a beauty all of it's own.
It's so exciting to know this cushion is heading off to Portland. I may never visit Quilt Market myself but I'm so happy to have one of my designs there on display. I'm hoping to see it pop up in photos but in reality it is a small project in a sea of beautiful stands, quilts, fabric and notions etc. so I may have to scour those photos to catch a glimpse of it on the stand.
If you're going to Quilt Market and visit the Riley Blake stands, I will be your best friend forever if you see it and send me a photo :) I'll be sure to share any photos I do see.
And don't forget my Belle mini quilt pattern is still on sale for a few more days, so don't forget to grab your copy HERE before the end of the month; she is a beauty in any fabric range :)

Thanks so much to Sedef for allowing me to work with these beautiful new fabrics. I'm even more eager for the August release date to arrive so I can grab some more to work with. And thanks to Riley Blake for including my little project on your Quilt Market stand, I'm truly honored and super excited to be a teeny weeny part of this huge event :)
Happy quilting :)


  1. Yay for Quilt Market! Your mini looks beautiful in these colours.

    1. I love it in these fabrics Anorina, so fresh and pretty. I'm thrilled its going to Quilt Market, something I'd never thought possible :)

  2. Wow, stunning mini quilt and the fabrics are an eye catching.Great combo!!

    1. Thanks Rosa. The fabrics are beautiful. I can't wait for the whole range to launch. Its on the top of my wish list for sure :)

  3. How fabulous is that! It looks wonderful, hun!

    1. Thanks hun. I love both versions but this one is so summery. Its been a happy week in Threadbare HQ :)


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