Week Ending (May 6)

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your week has been a creative one. Mine has been very busy and its sad how easily we have slid back into the school routine; it was like we never had a holiday.
OK, I have some fun links for you today so lets see what made my Week Ending list this week:

  • Top of my list this week is a Raspberry and Almond Ricotta Dessert Cake which I think sounds like the most amazing dessert cake ever :) How could it not be, there's raspberries, almond meal, ricotta.....you can find the recipe HERE.
  • Do you run back and forth from the cutting table to the ironing board a million times a day like I do? I call it exercise but HERE's a great solution. I love this little ironing board organizer, its cute and practical and might save me a few trips back and forth as I work. It is a paid pattern but very reasonably priced, and its a great way to store some of the items you regularly use or need at your ironing station.
  • I have two crochet alongs for you this week. I was looking for a new one to start and ended up finding two fun ones. The first one is the Fruit Salad Blanket CAL and I believe it has started. The sneak peek looks lovely and perfect for summer. You can find all the details HERE.

  • The second one is the one I chose to start and its the Jacaranda CAL by Haak Steek; that's my yarn combination in the photo above. I love the challenge of these types of patterns and you learn so much as you crochet. I dug through the scrap basket to get started and now I'm just waiting on more yarn to arrive so I can continue. I'll keep you updated on my progress of this CAL and you can find all the free patterns and information HERE.
  • Here's a great little tip regarding folding your quilts. To prevent creases which cause fabric breakdown, fold your quilts on the bias. The video tutorial is HERE.
  • I was looking for a way to use up a half box of Cornflakes I had in the pantry and I found this Cornflake Slice recipe HERE. Now this slice was delicious and a much nicer way to enjoy breakfast cereal :) It was eaten before I even thought to take a photo to share with you, that's how good it was.
  • And lastly, have you seen the gorgeous new range Eaton Place from Robert Kaufman? I'm loving the soft colours and the sweet florals are just divine. You can swoon over the full range and pre order some pre cuts, HERE.
And that's it for another week. I'm going to be creative in the kitchen this afternoon. Its hubby's birthday tomorrow and I'm about to make his cake.
Don't forget there's still time to enter my GIVEAWAY of Ali's Bunny Patch Pillow pattern, so hop on over HERE and leave a comment :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you find some time to be creative too.
Happy Week Ending :)

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