{Free Crochet Pattern} Snow Tracks Blanket

I've mentioned before that my girlfriend and I regularly visit Spotlight to audition the squishiness of their yarns, and sometimes yarn comes home with no real plan on how we'll use it. This happened a few weeks ago and at the time I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I decided to just wing it and make something of my own........ my Snow Tracks Blanket:

This pattern couldn't be any simpler so I decided to write it up and share with you as a freeebie, so you can make yourself a snugly and chunky Snow Tracks Blanket as well.
I spent an afternoon on You Tube looking for crochet stitches to suit this chunky style yarn.  There are so many beautiful stitches to chose from and I finally settled on the sand stitch which is basically a easy single crochet and chain combo. See super easy; anyone can try it! You can see it being crocheted, in this You Tube video HERE.

The yarn I chose was Monkey by Moda Vera and it's a 100% acrylic but its soft and squishy and beautiful to crochet with. I went for a classic grey and white combination, mainly because the colour options were limited and because this combination works best with our decor.
I used a N (10mm) crochet hook because I am a tight crocheter and acrylic can create a stiffer finish, so using my largest hook gives me a looser stitch and a softer drape.

My original plan was to have random sized grey stripes breaking up the white rows but my brain just couldn't cope with that so my stripes are evenly structured. And don't they look like tracks in the snow? Well they do to me, but then we don't have snow where I live. Just indulge me, OK? ;)
You can either follow along with my pattern or be more adventurous than me and go "crazy random"with the stripes or the colour combination.

For an acrylic wool, the blanket is super snugly, and it grows very quickly so you benefit from its warmth as you crochet. It was the perfect project to work on while watching TV as each row is crocheted the same so limited concentration is required.
You can make this blanket any size you like as long as your foundation chain contains an even number plus 4 ch's for the turn. My blanket finishes at 50" x 70" which makes it a generous sized lap blanket, which I'm not sharing with anyone other than the cat ;).

I did add a simple single crochet border all around the blanket because it does finish it nicely, and the sides are a little uneven so it neatens them up too.  You could also add a fringe or a tassel in each corner for that gorgeous bohemian look. I have a tutorial on making tassels HERE if you need a little help.
I've snuggled under this blanket every night since finishing it. Its either way colder than normal this year or I'm feeling it more as I get older. How many more weeks of winter are there left? Brrrr!
If you would like to make your own Snow Tracks Blanket you can download my free pattern HERE. Its a great pattern for beginners and it can be easily adapted to suit the size of blanket you're wanting to crochet.
I hope you have lots of fun crocheting your own version. Its a quick and easy way to try some chunky yarn and you'll have a lovely blanket finished in no time :)

Happy crocheting :)


  1. Hi Rose, thank you so much for your pattern. Just checking--are you using Uk or Us terms?

    1. Thanks Karen 😊 i used US terms for this pattern ☺

  2. You did a great job... thanx for sharing the pattern... :)...

  3. Pretty blanket! Too warm here now to work on it right now but I will just wait! If you want to see snow, come visit! I live in Waupaca, WI, where we had a record snowfall of 32 inches in April! LOL

    1. Oh wow Laurie, thats a snowfall. We have to travel up the mountains to see snow and the roads are narrow, steep and scary. We've hoping to go again soon to see the snow. Yes file the pattern away till your winter and enjoy your summer 😊


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