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Yesterday I received a unexpected but very exciting email from the National Quilters Circle telling me I've been nominated for a Blogger Award for Best Overall Quilting Blog:

You guys! This honestly made my day. I'm not sure who nominated this little blog of mine, but from the bottom of my heart...thank you! You could not wipe the smile off my face all day, and I really felt the love. ♥

Blogging is labour intensive (and lots of fun) and there are times when I think I'm talking to myself until a comment pops up or an email lands in the inbox. I think about my readers all the time so your feedback means the world to me, and it pushes me to try harder and to be a more confident and creative person. I wouldn't be a blogger without you guys ♥

There are times when nasty and unwelcome feedback pops up, and people words do hurt! But as the saying goes-  Blowing out someone else's candle does not make yours shine any brighter! Let's build people up, not tear them down.

My nomination had me feeling on top of the world, so I want to share the love. Every blogger works very hard behind the scenes. Hours are spent taking the perfect photos, writing interesting content, brain storming new ideas and promoting our posts, so lets show our favorite bloggers just how much they are appreciated.

Hit the nomination button in the link HERE or in my sidebar, and nominate your favorite's. It takes a few minutes to give them a huge pat on the back and say thanks for all of their hard work. They really deserve it and when they receive their nomination email, they too will feel like a winner.

Be the reason someone smiles today :)

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