{Free Pattern} Spring Stitcheries

Do you remember the laser cut frames and brooches from Helen at Hugs and Kisses that I shared last week? Well let me show you what I did with the ones she so kindly sent to me:

I decided to embrace Spring and design some garden stitcheries for the two embroidery frames. The first one is a rope swing covered in greenery and flowers hanging from an old tree.
It reminds me of a swing you might find in the Secret Garden or behind an old farmhouse in a quaint English town. I always wanted a swing like this when I was a child. My dad tried his hardest and tied some rope to an old tyre and threw it over the peach tree- trust me, no amount of decorating with picked flowers and ivy could make that tyre look as pretty as I wanted it to be. ;)

The second one is a little birdhouse and I love to invite birds to our garden. I have a variety of birdhouses, feeders and birdbaths littering the yard and I find it relaxing to sit outside and listen to their singing.
We get a lot of sparrows and wattle birds but occasionally we have a few rosella parrots, some doves and the sweetest little blue tailed birds pop in for a visit.

The stitcheries are very small (4") and they really tested out my new glasses :) I haven't stitched in so long and it was nice to pick up the needle and thread again even if my skills were a little rusty.
I really love these laser frames. They are so well crafted and super pretty and they really add some elegance to any little stitchery. They come complete with a hanger for the back so you can hang them anywhere you like.
You can purchase either of these laser cut frames on Helen's website HERE.

Then it was on to the brooches and these guys are even smaller (2") but oh so gorgeous! I decided to design something you could attach to a pincushion or your sewing bag that was "craft inspired".
The first one is MAKER and I used soft colours and one strand of embroidery thread for the flowers and greenery to give it more transparency, allowing the lettering to really stand out.

The second one is CREATE and I think any craft enthusiast would love either of these two designs.  The brooches come with the pin attachment for the back so have fun deciding it you want to pin them to your jacket, pincushion, sewing bag, mini quilt or handbag.
You can purchase either of these two laser cut brooches on Helen's website HERE.

Even though I struggled with my stitching, I love how they all turned out. Its fun to revisit a craft after a long absence and make something a little different.
I decided to put all four designs into a free pattern for you to download. Inside the free pattern you will find the drawn designs plus basic instructions for stitching your own. My embroidery thread collection is very old, so I only gave suggestions for colours (no DMC numbers etc.) and you can pick and choose from the threads you already have.
If you would like to download my free Spring Stitcheries pattern just visit HERE.
Helen has a great tutorial on her blog HERE for framing your stitcheries and she also has some gorgeous examples that are sure to inspire you.

I hope you have fun stitching these up. Its motivated me to do a little more stitching and hone my skills again. I used to stitch all the time and these little cuties may be the reason I start again :)
Happy stitching :)


  1. What beautiful designs, Rose - and the frames set them off so nicely. Thank you for your generosity.

    1. Oh thank you Jan. The frames are gorgeous and I do love the stitcheries. Have fun with them :)


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