Crazy Chunky Crochet Blanket

A few Sundays ago I shared the beginnings of my Crazy Chunky Blanket from Mandy at Redagape.  I finished it over the weekend so I had to share it with you:

I loved Mandy's version as soon as she started showing sneak peeks on Instagram, and when she shared the free pattern I had to give it a try. The pattern is very quick and easy and super fun to crochet, which is good because I need to make another one - Maddi claimed this blanket for her lounge room as soon as she saw it :)
I had to make lots of changes to the original pattern because of my wool choice so I thought I'd share them with you in case you'd like to give it a try with yarn you already have stashed away.

For some reason I had a bunch of this 8ply Marvel Soft in my cupboard, and it was fairly close to the beautiful coloured yarn Mandy had used in her blanket, just not as chunky. It is an acrylic wool but its super soft and drapes beautifully which is important for blankets and throws.
Mandy very kindly offered me a few suggestions on adjusting the pattern to make my yarn work, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

I used two strands of yarn and a 5.25mm hook. I added more stitches to the width and crocheted more rows to the length to achieve a generous sized throw. I also broke up the solid mesh section with additional border sections to give it extra stability - I added a border section after every twelfth row of the mesh. I also added a couple of  DC's to the sides of the mesh to strengthen the edges, and once it was complete I added a SC border all around to give it a neat finish.

I also added tassels to mine instead of the pom poms, just because they're my favorite. ♥
I love how my blanket turned out! It's soft and snugly, it has heaps of gorgeous texture and it looks pretty damn sweet :) I love the yarn colour too. Its not one I use often for our throw blankets but it works so well with our home decor and it will add a fresh boost of colour over the warmer months.

Thank you Mandy for another fabulous pattern. You are one clever, talented and generous lady and I love everything you design. To see Mandy's original Crazy Chunky Blanket and to use her free tutorial to make a blanket of your own, just visit HERE.
I used all the yarn I had stashed so I have to buy more to crochet a blanket for myself but this one will look lovely in Maddi's newly renovated lounge room. It'll be like a big mummy hug every time she snuggles underneath it.

Happy crocheting :)


  1. I love the crazy chunky crochet blanket! How do you make the tassels? I too like them better than poms.

    1. Thanks Teresa. I enjoyed this one so much. I have a quick tutorial for tassels here:
      I think tassels are the new pom poms :) Hope that helps (and the link works for you) :)

    2. I just checked how to make the link work. Highlight the whole link in my reply and then right click. It should have a "go to...." option which will take you straight to the post :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your blanket, it is great to see it made up in a yarn that is available locally. I am new to crochet, is there any chance you have a written pattern for your version? I would like to make it for my daughter in marvel in a butter colour.


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