Apricot Nectar Cheesecake

Morning guys! I thought I'd share a recipe with you today that I've made probably six times already this summer.  My guys really, really, really love it! I've been making this cheesecake since before I was married, and I'm pretty sure it was the reason Les proposed ;)
My Apricot Nectar Cheesecake is light and flavorsome and its the perfect way to finish any meal - we particularly enjoy a slice after a BBQ.  I made one over the weekend and I thought you might like to have this recipe in your files too.

How delicious does that look? This cheesecake is light and fresh with just a hint of that gorgeous apricot flavour. It has a simple crumb base and it's topped with a gorgeous apricot nectar syrup that gently drizzles over the edges...yummo!
Its neither sickly sweet nor heavy, so you're not left feeling uncomfortable after your meal or running around on a sugar high. I find it refreshing and tasty and I'm pretty sure its one of the nicest cheesecakes I make.

My Apricot Nectar Cheesecake does take a while to put together but it's all no bake so that makes it nice and easy. There are three layers and each layer is quick to whip up but there's quite a bit of setting time in between (there's value sewing time right there for ya!).
I always make this cheesecake the day before I need it so there's no stressing or rushing to get it all together, and of course the flavours always taste better the next day too.

I need to work on getting my crumb base a little more even next time but anyway, keeping it real guys, keeping it real. ;)
I like the apricot nectar to drizzle over the sides but if want something firmer or jelly like, just add a little more arrowroot (tapioca flour). Presentation wise it can look a little messy but I think it looks lush and decadent with a more syrup like consistency - it tempts you to sink your spoon in and take a bite doesn't it?

Ok so lets talk about some of the ingredients in case you need to find alternatives, although there's nothing too fancy in there.
For the base I use Milk Arrowroot biscuits but any plain biscuit is fine, just don't use a sweet biscuit. The apricot nectar is available at the supermarket in either cans or tetra packs and I use this one HEREArrowroot is also called tapioca flour and its a starch used to thicken desserts and sauces etc. giving them a lovely glaze or shine.  If you can't find arrowroot then you can use corn flour but make sure you reduce the quantity so you don't make it too thick or taste floury.

To serve your cheesecake, pipe on some whipped cream and add a few apricot slices on the side to enjoy as well. If you want to add a little extra texture and flavor, sprinkle on some crushed nuts - walnuts and almonds work well with apricots.
If you would like to try my Apricot Nectar Cheesecake recipe then simply click on the link or right click on the photo below and save it to your files for later.

It really is a lovely cheesecake and a great way to end your family meal. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all do :)

Happy baking :)


  1. YUM!!! I love, love, love cheesecake. Thanks for the recipe


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