Pizza Muffins

Morning guys! We're taking Cohen and one of his mates away for the weekend so I thought I'd bake something for the long car ride.  We're leaving straight from school today and you know how hungry teenage boys always are - the first (decent) takeaway shop is about 40 minutes into our journey and I doubt either of them could hang out that long ;)
I just pulled a batch of Pizza Muffins out of the oven, and this is one of those versatile recipes you need to have in your files.

You could call this my basic savory muffin recipe, and I switch and change the savory ingredients to suit our needs. This batch is packed with ham, pineapple and cheese but the recipe works well with any combination of ingredients. Individually the teenagers are fussy and together they are a nightmare, but I know they both like these flavors in a pizza so we should be good.
They're super quick and easy to make and as long as you have flour, milk, eggs and cheese you can add whatever savory ingredient you like.

Basically whatever ingredients you'd put on a pizza you can be put in these muffins. Think onion, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, spinach, olives, garlic, corn, salami, capsicum etc. You can also add different herbs or seasonings to bring the flavors alive but for this batch I threw in some dried parsley flakes, more for the colour than flavor.
As for quantities, use my recipe as a guide if you're adding different ingredients. Prepare the muffin batter first, and then add your chopped up savory ingredients until you're happy with how its looking (think generous).

There's cheese in the muffins but once they're almost cooked you get to sprinkle a little more on top and continue to bake until its melted and golden - the cheese lovers in your life will thank you.
They're perfect to bake for the lunch box, the picnic basket and for long road trips, and I'm hoping they will fill the boys up so there's no need to stop for fast food - the smell of greasy food lingers in the car, don't you agree? I'd much rather they ate these than chips and burgers!

My recipe makes 12 large Pizza Muffins and I always use café style muffin wrappers. If you can't find these wrappers you can always make your own:
  • Cut squares of baking paper to 6" square. Centre each square over the base of a glass about the same size as your muffin tin hole and mold and shape it around the glass to make your wrapper.
You could also bake them in patty paper pans but divide the mixture evenly between about 18-24 paper pans instead of the 12 large muffin wrappers.

I actually like this flavour combination, they're savory but the pineapple gives them a lovely sweetness. I had to try one with my morning coffee, and lets not get into the debate about whether or not pineapple should be on pizza ;)
If you'd like to bake a batch of my Pizza Muffins you can download the recipe by clicking the link or right click on the photo below and save to your computer.

I hope you (and the teenagers) enjoy these muffins and I hope you enjoy your weekend. We're really looking forward to our little getaway and spending some quality time with the boys.
I've scheduled my Week Ending post to automatically publish on Sunday, so fingers crossed it works properly. If not, I'll post it Sunday night :)

Happy baking :)

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