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Hey guys! I've got something a little different to share with you today! It's something I'm quite passionate about at the moment, and when I'm passionate I share.
Family health is very important to us mums, right? We make sure our diets are well balanced and everyone's out there exercising, and we do what we can to support everyone's emotional health - I started meditation last year and its calmed the stresses of life right down :)
Winter will be here very soon and that's just a big old party of viruses, flu's, cold's and bugs isn't it? Not fun! I decided that this year I'm going to be proactive and explore the wonderful world of aromatherapy with DoTerra Essential Oils.

I've dabbled with chemist oils over the years (tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender) and I've diffused them when we're already sick but never as a preventative - shutting the gate after the horse has bolted kind of thing!
While researching the benefits of diffusing, I discovered that over time our immune systems strengthen with the use of essential oils so I'm hoping this will help protect my family during winter. There are oils blends that purify the home and eliminate airborne pathogens plus ones that open the airways and reduce coughing and congestion etc. There are also blends to calm the mind (great when meditating) and ones to lift your spirit when life is tough.

I've been diffusing DoTerra oils for the last two weeks and its been fun experimenting with different aromas and blends, and the house has never smelt so lovely! Plus I've been sleeping deeply for the first time in years - it could be a coincidence but I'm taking it as a win!
I've also been looking at ways to use essential oils in my cleaning and laundry products, eliminating the use of harsh toxic chemicals. I'm about to make some of these Dryer Balls and I've been using these Reusable Homemade Antibacterial Wipes to kick start our toxic free living - woah these wipes are a game changer! If you take only one thing from this post let it be these wipes.

I looked at a lot of essential oil companies before signing up with DoTerra.  The testimonies were great and their oils are pure, safe, reliable and potent. There are so many companies out there so do your research and choose what's right for you and your budget.
I think my favorites are DoTerra's 10ml roll on oils.  These are perfect to pop in my purse or to keep in the glovebox, and I'll have some oils close by to use topically when the stresses of life kick in :)
I'm planning on building my essential oil collection slowly and getting to know each of the oils and how they benefit our overall health.
I thought it might be fun to share a diffuser blend of the week with you, so I'm going to add it to the bottom of my Week Ending posts from next week, plus I'll pop it in my sidebar so you can find it quickly. I'll post the first one here:

Of course it had to be one for creativity ;)  I'll share a different blend every week and if you think it might be beneficial for you and your family, you can diffuse it as well.
I signed up to DoTerra to receive the wholesale prices but there's no pressure to sell the product or to place any monthly orders. I have no intention of working it as a business (never say never) but if you want to learn more about DoTerra essential oils you can check it out HERE or in the SHOP drop down in my blog header. (This link will take you to the shop front they gave me, and I will receive benefits for any orders or sign ups.)

I'm also interested to hear if you use essential oils and if so, how you use them. I'm eager to learn as much as I can and I'd appreciate any suggestions, ideas, blends etc. Leave a comment so others can see as well or send me an email.
Also, is this something that you would like to hear more about? I'm thinking of doing a post every now and again to share what I've learnt and to link up any life changing recipes, tips etc. that I find.
I try to do the best I can for my family and if I can protect them from sickness or support their emotional health with aromatherapy then I'm a happy mumma. :) Prevention is far better than cure so lets see if I'm on the right track. :)

Namaste :)

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